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IHA is an information hub for supporters
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Living in Indianapolis.
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Homelessness is a Community Concern with Public Safety Issues.
There are no simple solutions to "ending homelessness"; but by "working together",
Professional Outreach, Faith & Community Outreach, Democrats, Republicans,
Liberals & Conservatives, we can find solutions to "reducing" homelessness.
Proposals 291, 72 & 152 are Sponsored by:
Leroy Robinson, City-County Council, Indianapolis - Marion County
Voice 317-329-0923 | Email  councilorleroyrobinson@gmail.com
Please send your City-County Council Member an Email of Supporting the above Proposals
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Proposal 152 - Passed as amended on 23Jun15 and signed by the Mayor on 24Jul15 | Reuben Engagement Center (REC) - Program Overview - The proposed outline of the new REC was passed unanimously as amended on the 13th of Jul15.  Congratulations to all that worked hard on getting this done.  Indy is now on its way to having its own engagement center.  Hopefully it will be a successful therapeutic facility for the treatment of Indy's homeless population suffering from drug, alcohol and mental illness and not a so called "drunk tank" for Indy's sports fans.  The Reuben family, thru CHIP wanted their $750,000 donation to be used to help our homeless friends with additions.
Proposal   72 - Passed by the CCC on 30Mar15 and signed by the Mayor on 10Apr15 - includes language about the viability of an engagement center which would provide immediate shelter and access to services for the homeless who are intoxicated and may have mental health issues. - Proposal 72 Is a fiscal ordinance to amend the City-County Council budget for 2015 for the development of an engagement center.
Proposal 291 - Passed by the CCC but VETO'ed by the Mayor on Friday March the 13th - would amend the Revised Municipal Code of Indianapolis to add certain protections for the city's homeless; and include language pertaining to a Homeless Bill of Rights. 3Mar15 Indy Star Article on Voting - The CCC tried but failed on the 30th of March15 to override the Mayor's VETO.  We may not have won this battle but we will continue to fight for the rights of our homeless friends in Indianapolis.
Proposal   41 - Defeated - would amend the Revised Municipal Code of Indianapolis and add "Homeless" to the list of protected classes in Indianapolis.

Indy's Homeless Advocates Needs Your Participation
10Apr15 - Congratulations to everyone that has worked toward the new Reuben Engagement Center (REC) for Indianapolis.  The Mayor has just signed Proposal 72 starting the Reuben Engagement Center on its way.  Thanks to Leroy Robinson (D) for getting things started and Jeff Miller (R) for helping get it to the finish line.  Proving again that working together is the way to get things done.
30Mar15 - Mini Editorial - None of us got 100% of what we wanted last night at the City-County Council meeting on Proposal 72 (approval of the Reuben Engagement Center), but it is finally a start in the right direction.  Some of us have been wanting some type of an Engagement Center for years, especially CHIP and pioneers like Margie and Sandy.  It was hard to believe it almost slipped away again last night, but Councilman Robinson held his ground with the help of Christie, Bill and Margie, and they, in by-partisan fashion, got it done.  I dislike the phrase "something is better than nothing," but in this case it fits.  At least we now have a chance to show the public that the Reuben Engagement Center will not only save lives but it will save the city hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.  I am also hoping that by proving this concept works to help our homeless friends with addictions and mental health problems, it will allow us to make the necessary changes down the road to make it bigger and better.  The next step in my opinion is to start setting up meetings with experienced people knowledgeable about mental health issues and addictions to start formulating a plan to establish some guidelines.  Remember OUR GOAL (Professional & Faith Based Outreach Teams) is to make the Reuben Engagement Center a powerful new tool for our homeless and less fortunate friends that need help.  It must not and cannot be just another drunk tank for our sports fans.  We have now proven that compromise works, that's what got us here.  We still need to continue working together to make sure that we end up with a facility that our city can be proud of, a facility that is truly helpful to those in need, a facility that works for those with addictions to drugs, alcohol and that are mentally ill.  Thanks to all of you that helped with your time and support.  Don Hawkins, Founder & CEO of IHA, HRH & HHOOT.
What's Next
City-County Council Meeting
13 July '15 at 7:00 PM
Debate on Proposal 152, the

Proposed Engagement Center
IHA's Goals (in this order):
1) Awareness & Protection for the Homeless
2) A Homeless Engagement Center
3) A Secular Homeless Shelter
4) Authorized / Secure Tent Camps
5) A Bill of Rights for the Homeless
  With Prayer!
See what the Scriptures say

about "the Poor & the Needy" and
people that do and don't help them

Information on Homelessness in Indianapolis
(These organizations may or may not support pending proposals before the Indianapolis Marion County Council)
Call 2-1-1 for Help for
a person that needs help
Coalition for Homelessness
Intervention & Prevention
HRH & HHOOT's Poster on
Where to Get Help in Indy
Continuum of Care
An Indianapolis Engagement Center:
A Proven Model for Saving & Changing Lives
Prepared by CHIP - January 2015
Blueprint 2.0
  National Coalition
for the Homeless
2014 HUD Point-in-Time Count:
Homelessness in Indianapolis
Professional Blended (Homeless) Outreach Teams (PBSO)
Adult & Child Mental Health Center  |  Damien Center Eskenazi / Pedigo Health  |  Homeless Initiative Program (HIP)
Horizon House / SORRT  |  Humane Society of Indianapolis  |  Indianapolis EMS / MESH  |  IMPD Homeless Unit
Midtown Community Mental Health Center  |  Marion County Probation  |  Parole District 3
Ruth Lilly Salvation Army Women & Children Center  |  Wheeler Mission Center for Women & Children
The PourHouse  |  Wheeler Mission for Men  |  VA Homeless Outreach  |  Outreach Inc.
Tear Down The Walls Ministries  |  Indianapolis Public Library
Faith & Community (Homeless) Outreach Teams (FCSO)
Tear Down The Walls Ministries  |  Helping Our Own People  | Meet Me Under the Bridge
Purpose of Life Ministries  |  Pathway to Recovery  |  Food 4 Souls
Homeless & ReEntry Helpers  |  Progress House  |  The Creative Change Project
(Not complete - please email  info@IndysHomelessAdvocates.org if you want to be added to this section)

Letters To The Editor on Proposal 291
Barb Anderson
An Open Letter to the Mayor
Keith DeVries Pastor David Green
Don Sawyer
Published 5 January '15
Robert Charlock
Published 2 January '15
Barb Anderson
National Homeless Coalition

Pictures, Media Clips & Articles
Indy Star Article on 3Mar15
City Council 291 Vote
A Bigger Vision
Video Clips
‘Homeless Bill of Rights’
sparks debate in Indianapolis
High School Students
Support the Homeless
  The Daily Show
The Homeless Homed

Archives (Past Dates, Things to Do & Events)
20 April '15 - University of Indianapolis
is hosting a screening of
"Uncharted: The Truth Behind Homelessness"
at 5:30 PM at 1400 E Hanna
Schwitzer Student Center, Trustees Room
City-County Council Meeting
30 March '15 at 7:00 PM
Debate on Proposal 72, the

Proposed Engagement Center
City-County Council AGENDA for 30Mar15
- Click to View Meeting -
City County Council Meeting

Public Safety & Criminal Justice Committee
11 March '15 at 5:30 PM, Rm 260

Debate on the Engagement Center
2Mar15 - Dear Homeless Advocates:
Proposal 291:  
Protections for the Homeless passed the Indianapolis City County Council last night!  We need for you to now encourage the Mayor to sign it. Please call, email, and use your social media as best you can to ensure that he signs it.
Here’s What You Can Do:
Call or email the Mayor right now.
  2. Ask the Mayor to support
Proposal 291, Protections for the Homeless, by signing it into law today.
Mayor Gregory A. Ballard,
2501 City-County Building, 200 East Washington Street,  Indianapolis, Indiana 46204
  Twitter: @MayorBallard  |  Facebook: Mayor Greg Ballard  |  Flickr: City of Indianapolis  |  Instagram:

We have made such tremendous progress on getting this issue in front of our local city leadership, and we must ensure that it continues to be a topic and priority that the City focuses on.
Copied from Christy Shepard's Newsletter, Executive Director of CHIP
Dear Homeless Advocates: This is a reminder that on Monday, March 2nd ,the Indianapolis City County Council will be hearing Proposal 291:  Protections for the Homeless and Proposal 41: Homelessness as a Protected Class under Chapter 581.  There is still time to support moving these proposals forward for a majority vote of YES! To that effect, we are asking you call or email the City County Councillors, especially your district Councillor and urge them to vote YES on Proposal 291 and Proposal 41.
Here’s What You Can Do: 1. Call or email your councilor TODAY AND MONDAY. 2. Ask the councilor to support Proposal 291, Protections for the Homeless, and Proposal 41, Homeless as a Protected Class.
What We Need Next:
Councilor Robinson is looking for persons who have been, or are still in a homeless status that have been discriminated against while being homeless.  He needs real life examples and experiences on how our homeless in Indy are being discriminated against.  He would like to get a several individuals that would be willing to testify in support of Proposals 291 and 41 before the City County Council before the 2nd of March '15 meetng.  If you are or have been homeless, you feel you have been discriminatd against, and you are willing to tell your story please be at the meeting.  Thank you.
    City-County Council Meeting
Rules and Public Policy Committee

23 June '15 at 5:30 PM, Room 260
Ament Chapter 251 of the Code by adding
Article VIII regarding the Reuben Engagement Center
City-County Council Meeting
2 March '15 at 7:00 PM - A new
Proposal will be introduced on the
Engagement Center. They will also
be voting on Proposals 41 & 291
City-County Council AGENDA for 2Mar15
City-County Council Meeting
Rules and Public Policy Committee

24 February '15 at 5:30 PM, Room 260
Debate over Bill of Rights & Protection
and take out Engagement Center
 St. Monica Catholic Church
6131 N Michigan Rd, 46228
Thursday the
19th of February '15 at 7 PM
City Councilman Leroy Robinson
will be speaking on Poverty, Inequality,
Social Mobility, and the Future of Indy.
With an update on Proposals 291 & 41
City-County Council Meeting
9 February '15 at 7:00, Assembly Room
On Leroy Robinson's Proposal 41
to amend Chapter 581 of the Code
to add "housing status"
3 February '15 - Keystone Cinema & Indie Lounge
is hosting a screening of
"Uncharted: The Truth Behind Homelessness"
at 6:30 PM at 8702 N. Keystone Crossing, #201A
City-County Council Meeting
Rules and Public Policy Committee

27 January '15 at 5:30PM
City County Building, Room 260
24 January '15 - Homeless Awareness Rally
on Monument Circle on Saturday at 2:PM
21 January '15 St. - Monica Catholic Church
is hosting a screening of
"Uncharted: The Truth Behind Homelessness"
at 6:30 PM at 6131 N. Michigan Rd.
13 January '15 - FILMS FOR ACTION
is hosting a screening of

"Uncharted: The Truth Behind Homelessness"
at 6:30 PM the Indy's Worker Justice Center - 1734 W Washington St

Thanks for Supporting Indy's Homeless - Don Hawkins at Hawkins@HHOOT.com or 317-632-0500